December 09, 2011

FaceBook Classified Ad Scams

FaceBook Classified Ad Scams

Further to my previous article about facebook scams, here is another attempt to fraud me out of my latest item for sale:

Of particular note is the fact they claim to work for paypel (see notes in red below)

This time from"Shannon Moore" ( likely a hacked facebook account)
fraudster -
    • $500
      iPad 2 16Gb, WiFi

      Hello, i am interested in buying your iPad 2 16Gb, let me know if you still have it for sale, Thank you.


  • Shannon Moore
    • Hello, do you still have the ipad for sale?

    • Yes, I do
  • Shannon Moore
    • Where are you located?....
  • Me
    • Barrie, can meet in newmarket though if that helps.
  • Shannon Moore
    • But am sorry, am located at Montgomery.Jersey City, NJ, do you have a paypal account? Let me know.
  • Me
    • I do, but $500 via paypal is not recommended.
    • That is not true, $500 is recommended via paypal, i will be paying you for the ipad and the shipment to my son through Canada Post Air Mail, so send me paypal money request of $600 for the ipad and the shipment to my paypal email id, for the payment. Thank you for been sincere with me.
  • Me

    • no, this is exactly what I mean. I will not take paypal for this, sorry
  • Shannon Moore
    • Why? But am paying you first before you ship it, how much will be accepted in your paypal account? (note: very persistent scammer, still trying to convince me)
  • Me
    • no, you can use a bad credit card and reverse the charge. how do I know this? because its been done to me. thx anyways.
  • Shannon Moore
    • I can not do that because am a sincere person, i also work at paypal so it will not be easy for me to do that because if i try it i will be charge.
  • Me
    • and you can't find this product anywhere else/ You have to ship it from Canada? really....
fraudster's email:
fraudster's facebook profile:

Classified Ad Fraud on Facebook

Classified Ad Fraud on Facebook

I have been writing about classified ad fraud on craigslist, kijiji and other classifieds ads websites for years. The scams known as "nigeria scams" have the buyer offering more than the asking amount of the item. The seller is directed to either accept a paypal payment, or a false money order. The item is shipped, and then subsequently the funds are reversed, or payment is halted for suspicion of the buyer using a fraudulent credit card. 

The seller is then out the item, and the funds. These typical transactions can easily be spotted a mile away, and now to make things seem even more legitimate, buyers are using facebook.

One such example is an iPad 2 I am selling. Please read the 2 stories below and note the buyer's in them - as they are fraudsters.

In these people's defense, their accounts may have been hacked. But here they are:
(Note the red highlighted items in the conversation below)

    • iPad 2 Wifi + Accessories

  • Karina Parrish
    • thanks, give me the cost of the item...(red flag here. the item price is listed)
  • Me
    • its in the ad.
  • Karina Parrish
    • i live and work in United States but i willing to purchase it for my friend working with a shipping company panapina but was recently transfer to one of the branch in west Africa Nigeria actually he sent me some money to get him stuff that things are too expensive and fake product they have there in Africa and he wants a long lasting one i will love to purchase your item for him and i will be paying via PayPal and am willing to pay $680 for the item and $150 in addition for the shipping to him there in Africa so if you can help me out kindly get back to me with your PayPal email address so i can send out the payment to your account ASAP..
  • Me:
    • ever heard of Nigeria scams? well, guess what, you're now listed in the directory of scammers.
       The items in red above are typical and almost always follow a pattern. The scammers always use a hardship or some excuse to ship the item in question overseas. Then they always offer you more than the asking price. Ahd finally, they almost always offer to send funds up front to paypal.

November 25, 2011


Email Response: Hello,

I'll like to buy your item,Please get back to me with your final price.


Notes: This was for an item placed for sale on kijiji, note the same response (canned) as all the others....

July 29, 2011

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August 23, 2010

Fraud Alert: Norm Y -

Name: Norm Yeates

Email Response:

Hi, can you please send me the current configuration of the laptop (specs).  Also can you let me know the condition of the battery as well as the laptop.  I am interested.